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My Dear Husband is so proud of himself – he believes he coined a new term for Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin…V-PILF (MILF, PILF…get it?) He likes her jaunty little glasses and even though my friend Ben says her hairstyle is too “republican”, I like how her hair does what it is supposed to do when you put it in one of those claw-clips (the things those of us who grew up on LI used to call jap-snaps before the world went all PC…)

Everyone is apeshit one way or another over Gov. Palin. Rumors abound about her and facts are routinely misreported (though I guess I don’t find this surprising.) And the number of people who speak with self-important authority about just about anything never ceases to amaze me. Could you at least GET THE FACTS before shooting your mouth off? As best as I can tell, here are some actual facts about her…and what I think about them.

  • She is strongly anti-choice. I have *never* understood how the party who (supposebly) is for small government, personal responsibility, and minimal intervention in one’s personal life can promote the most intimate intrusion into people’s lives.
  • She may believe in book banning (rumor appears to be false according to snopes.com). If proven true, I think that should scare the shit out of anyone with reasonably passable critical thinking skills. Nazis ban books — not modern-day Americans.
  • Palin has no problem with public schools teaching creationism. Absolutely, totally fine with me. As long as you teach kids about the Flying Spaghetti Monster right along with it. 😛  Spare me — I believe in God; my husband doesn’t. But neither of us want our kids taught anything remotely religious in a public school unless its in an analytical comparative religions class. Teaching faith in public schools in the name of ‘fair and balanced” curriculum is a total sham. There are plenty of educational institutions where you can appropriately find faith-based teachings — they are called religious schools.
  • She doesn’t think humans are the cause of climate change. We may not be THE cause but please…the majority of climate scientists have formed a “consensus” on this. Consensus is lacking on the *effects* of climate change  — not that it is happening and that we are a major cause of it.

There are also places where I think the country needs to get off her case — either because the “facts” are wrong or because they’re right but so twisted that the conclusions drawn from them are nonsensical. For example

  • Horrors! She got genetic testing during her last pregnancy…yeah, so? Ignorance is not always bliss…some people would prefer to know whether they are carrying a child with a chromosome abnormality *whether or not* they plan to abort. It’s called preparation and planning.
  • She requested a bazillion in federal earmarks…yeah, so? Show me an elected official who doesn’t.
  • Palin cut funding for special needs kids. No she did not. In fact, she increased funding for special needs students with high-cost requirements.
  • She doesn’t have enough Executive experience. HELLO? Sen. Obama has NO executive experience.

On balance, do I want Sarah Palin in or near the White House? No I do not. I believe we need a fundamental shift from where we are and McCain/Palin can’t provide that. But still — be fair in your criticisms of people — even (especially) those you don’t like. There are plenty of reasons to not support McCain/Palin — you don’t need to go inventing reasons, people.


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