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 I’m not sure if I am impressed or slightly disturbed — or both —  with K-child’s latest tome. She brought it home from preschool recently.

The Fire Ball — by K-child.

Sometimes people see hawks around the world. They are very interesting animals. They like to eat different foods like worms and birdfeed. And mice and rats.

The comets can come from space. Meteors come from many different worlds. Like Obama.

Like the One-Eyed Purple Eater. They can be three feet tall.

The tooth has many other ingredients than humans. Humans have two teeth. And very munchable teeth.

The meteor is about three feet tall. The big launcher is about two and a half feet tall.


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Another “dictation” that came home from school the other day…


I don’t like the green coat. I don’t like it because it’s really, really puffy. I  just can’t get around with it at school. It’s really difficult to do. I really, really, really don’t like my coat.


p.s.: I can only move my hands a little in my gloves.

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A story that came home from pre-school on the back of K’s drawing…clearly she had dictated and the teacher wrote it out verbatim.

Once upon a time, me and my mom and Davis were sledding down a hill. And then we had some scissors and we cutted paper on the way to make snow. We snipped the paper to make it look like snow. And then a big snow formed. And we built a snow fort out of snow. Then we built a castle. Then one day a big snow storm came. And then a big Katie and Davis came on a big snow sled. And then we grabbed our stuffed animals and went down, down down!

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