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Love that song. Except when it’s my theme song of the day… as it was yesterday.

Adamant about eating breakfast with the girls…who cares that I will get to work at 9:45am… it’s worth it…

Just before I leave I get sucked into a debate about what to do about insulating the unfinished space in Muppet’s room…knock through the wall and expand her room, knock through part of the wall and make built-in cubbies, knock through the wall in a way that allows for a hide-a-bed… ok, we will talk about this when I get home…now I am really late…

Pull out of garage while Husband is pulling out of his side of the garage (in MY car — long story) and, in an attempt to close the garage door on my side, mix up the buttons and close HIS door…unfortunately, while he is backing the car out… Buh-bye, radio antenna… can’t wait to see how much that will cost to fix.


Drive away totally distracted…and get pulled over in a speed trap exactly 1.5 miles from my house. Thank you, Officer, for having a heart and a) not laughing at me when I told you about the garage door debacle and b) not even giving me a warning.

All’s well that ends well?



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Driving home tonight I heard a radio story about the GOP landslide in Tennessee. John McCain won 70 percent of the vote; many other Republicans topped 60 percent. Tennessee also booted out an incumbent Democratic state legislator and Tennessee’s House is under GOP control for the first time in 140 years.

Why is that?

Well — according to Tony Shipley, the Republican victor in that House race,

These people are solid, hard-working, apple-pie-type Americans. I have fond memories of chasing greased pigs here, so there’s a long tradition of Americana here — strong Christian values here amongst these people.

Americana = Greased pigs? I thought Americana was things like baseball, Norman Rockwell, and Mickey Mouse. You know — things ALL Americans can call their own and associate with. Greased Pigs? Come on. If he had said cow tipping, I might have bought it.

A University of Tennessee policital science professor added,

Appalachia is overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly rural and of a lower socioeconomic status. It’s an area of the country that’s overwhelmingly religious, and all of those factors played into Obama’s weakness here.

So to sum up —  in Tennessee, poor, uneducated, bible-beating, red-necky, pig-chasing white people vote Republican.

And we wonder why the economy is in trouble?

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Shame on you, People Who Mortgaged Themselves Beyond Their Means

Shame on You, Mortgage Brokers Who Arranged Those Mortgages

Shame on You, Banks Who Lent the Money

Shame on You, Wall Street Investment Banks for Turning Shitty Loans Into AAA- and BBB-rated Securities

Shame on You, SEC for Allowing Balance-Sheet Scams That Don’t Truly Reflect Assets and Liabilities

ALL YOU FREAKING GREEDY PEOPLE PISS ME OFF — because of the flipping mortgage crisis/credit crunch you caused, I can’t get a $100k home improvement loan. ME — a bank’s wet dream…steady, secure family income in the top 5% of US earners; not a flipping CENT of debt except for my $285k mortgage; and 20% equity in my house.


And here’s the pathetic part… the $50k that I can get (because of a crappy appraisal and new bank laws) is an 8% construction loan but FROM CREDIT CARD COMPANIES, I can get multiple loans for tens of thousands of dollars at 1.99-3.99% for the life of the loans.

God Bless America Visa. :-Q

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Checking a suspect timing adjustor: $192

Replacing said timing adjustor: $1100

Replacing leaky seals on the cams: “free”

The phrase “Thank you sir, may I have another…?”: Priceless

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