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I went to my fair share of keggers in college (ok, more than my fair share) and the people who threw the parties sometimes did some fairly stupid things…such as videotaping their hazing rituals and leaving the tapes in the fraternity’s party room after they left for the summer…the campus cleaning crew found them and the fraternity was kicked off campus.   Another fraternity hired a stripper for their graduating seniors, paid them with a House check…which bounced. She complained (or filed suit, I can’t remember which) and the fraternity got kicked off campus.

But this is my favorite yet… as my friend Deb said, can you say Darwin Awards?  I’m thinking the parents of these three college students aren’t getting their money’s worth…

Note to my kids — when you go to college, if you throw or attend a college beer-blast, make sure you’re not within earshot of the town police station, please.


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Google Me This…

I am overseeing a project at work that requires me to learn about USCIS services and fees. Lucky for me I have a Total Star leading this project for me — and as such, she has already done a ton of research and is able to tell me what to read to quickly get up to speed, important tidbits, etc. In one of our “what have we learned this week” sessions she told me about CIS Processing Centers that perform what is known as “Slit and Peek” — their responsibility is to slit open envelopes, see what type of application and check is enclosed, and determine where it is to be sent for further processing. She couldn’t remember which services centers are the slip and peek centers, nor where she had read it…so I Googled “CIS Slit and Peek.” Don’t ask me why I thought I’d get legit results from doing this…

Let’s just say I got a list of links that, had I clicked on them, would have gotten me fired. 😀

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A UK lottery scratch-off game was recalled because too many people are too stupid to compare negative numbers and correctly identify the lower of the two. The lottery company received dozens of complaints by people who could not understand, for example, how -5 is higher than -6. Because I have a lot of international friends, pointing out perceived and actual American stupidity is somewhat of a sport. So I got a small amount of pleasure from the fact that this is not an American example of stupidity. A very small amount – which was quickly and completely overwhelmed by a feeling of general disgust. Think about it: in the developed world, adults who have been educated through secondary school cannot correctly compare negative numbers.


Oops, she did it again. In court this morning, Britney’s attorney argued that the pop star shouldn’t be held to the same set of standards and deserves to be treated differently.“With all due respect your honor, you’re not a pop star with a number one album,” [her lawyer] told LA Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon.


Apparently the tallest guy in America says it’s not so bad because he usually receives a complimentary upgraded to first class because “he needs the room.” Erm, ok – we make fat people buy an extra seat but tall people get VIP treatment? It’s not that I prefer one approach over the other but a little consistency would be nice.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are screwed.

*A concept shamelessly plagiarized from my friend Mo.

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