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Last Friday night we found ourselves with a babysitter and No Plans. Well, we had plans but I couldn’t make the logistics work (long story) and the kids were dying to see Big Meagan and I didn’t have the heart to cancel. There are always things to be done – I wasn’t too worried.

Just before we left the house, DH says “I can’t take it anymore. Uncle. I want to buy a TV.”

Understand, DH has been researching big-screen, flat panel TVs for literally 2 years. He can cite you specs, makers, models, features, prices, dealers…and can crosswalk it all any which way you like. Which probably explains why he can’t remember anything else.  With “eternal darkness” due to set in in a few days (and my mother calls me a drama queen??) it seems he just can’t bear another evening of ShantyVision 360, as we have come to call our TVs.

OK, I say. Whatever you like. So he says “let’s go to the Big Screen Store — they’ won’t have good prices, but you can see the different features and picture quality of the 3 TVs I’m considering.”

Dude, really? We currently have 2 TVs: a 13 year old CRT TV and a 10 year old 27″ CRT TV. I guarantee you — whatever you plan to show me is better.

So in 30 minutes I’m in the TV store ooohing and aaahing over beautiful pictures. And it turns out they have darned good pricing (who knew!) This is an area where I really do trust DH because (say it with me…) he’s been tracking this stuff for 2 years. OK, I say – go ahead…let’s get it.

And herein lies the issue.

In the 2.9 seconds it took me to answer what I thought was a Hail Mary call from the babysitter telling me to meet her at AAMC because the 3 year old found out the hard way her ladybug wings were fake, “it” went from 40″ to 46″.

DH could not figure out why I was appalled. “But you said the $500 difference wasn’t the issue, ” he whined.

Yes. Yes I did. Followed immediately by “The issue is that 46″ is just too damned big!”

You see where this is going…in a spectacular example of how not to stand your ground, I lost this battle in about 5 minutes — but not before DH noted – somewhat oblivious to the irony – that in fact, “size matters.”

And now you know what the “P” stands for in BigPTV.


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