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A Day in the Life

After a week in Florida with my dad for his back surgery (went well) and an unexpected 4-day business trip (for which I left for straight from Florida) this is my first night/day back home…

Thursday 3/24 7:15pm: “MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY YOU’RE HOME!!!!!”
Thursday 3/24 7:58pm: “Mom, we have cultural day at school tomorrow. We need to wear costumes from another country.”
Friday 3/25 6:48am: “You —  wear a lei; you’re Polynesian. You — carry this purse Wiz got you on her cruise. It’s from Panama. Put the bird whistle I got you from Peru in it. You’re South American”
Friday 7:03am: “Mommy, I broke the lei by accident.”
Friday 7:04am: <ties lei> “Here – it’s a shorter lei. It’s fine, you’re a shorter kid.”
Friday 7:05am: “Mommy, I want to wear my USA flag bandana AND carry the purse.”
Friday 7:05am: “Good job. Wear it. Now you’re NAFTA.
Friday 7:08am: “Hon, I have to go to work but there’s a bird in the house. Here’s a net; try and catch it ok?”
Friday 7:12am: Bird appears to be some sort of woodpecker.
Friday 7:47am: Catch and release.
Friday 8:00am: <wonders> Who decides, really, that you can’t respectably drink before noon…? It’s April – in college that used to mean Greek Week. And Sunrise ‘tails… Hmmm…
Friday 8:02am: God invented Coffee and Bailey’s for a reason…

Excellent parenting — one bottle at a time.


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