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Driving home tonight I heard a radio story about the GOP landslide in Tennessee. John McCain won 70 percent of the vote; many other Republicans topped 60 percent. Tennessee also booted out an incumbent Democratic state legislator and Tennessee’s House is under GOP control for the first time in 140 years.

Why is that?

Well — according to Tony Shipley, the Republican victor in that House race,

These people are solid, hard-working, apple-pie-type Americans. I have fond memories of chasing greased pigs here, so there’s a long tradition of Americana here — strong Christian values here amongst these people.

Americana = Greased pigs? I thought Americana was things like baseball, Norman Rockwell, and Mickey Mouse. You know — things ALL Americans can call their own and associate with. Greased Pigs? Come on. If he had said cow tipping, I might have bought it.

A University of Tennessee policital science professor added,

Appalachia is overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly rural and of a lower socioeconomic status. It’s an area of the country that’s overwhelmingly religious, and all of those factors played into Obama’s weakness here.

So to sum up —  in Tennessee, poor, uneducated, bible-beating, red-necky, pig-chasing white people vote Republican.

And we wonder why the economy is in trouble?


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A story that came home from pre-school on the back of K’s drawing…clearly she had dictated and the teacher wrote it out verbatim.

Once upon a time, me and my mom and Davis were sledding down a hill. And then we had some scissors and we cutted paper on the way to make snow. We snipped the paper to make it look like snow. And then a big snow formed. And we built a snow fort out of snow. Then we built a castle. Then one day a big snow storm came. And then a big Katie and Davis came on a big snow sled. And then we grabbed our stuffed animals and went down, down down!

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Freedom of Speech

Because of my job, I am legally barred from campaigning and most types of involvement in political campaigns but I am NOT barred from saying…

Yes. We. CAN!

It seems that “Real America” has spoken. LOUDLY.

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