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Quirky Me(me)

Her Wrekeness tagged me with a meme: six random habits or quirks about me. Just 6? Yah – right.

1. I don’t have “my side” of the bed. If I am first to turn in, I sleep on whichever side calls to me that night.

2. I love swimming in the ocean but I have an irrational fear of fish biting my toes. Not crabs…fish.

3. Ever since I was a kid I have had a bizarre fascination with the KGB, CIA, etc. I love books by Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, etc. In my next life I am going to be a spy.

4. I still twirl my hair — just like little kids do.

5. I don’t like to drink juice straight up (unless it’s red grapefruit juice) – I have to mix it with water.

6. I have to put my left leg into pants, skirts, shorts, etc. first…if I try my right leg first I fall over.


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Wreke recently blogged about her daughter mistaking the word “Botox” for “Buttocks” on a cosmetics bottle at Macy’s. Which reminded me of this recent exchange with K as we were driving home from school. Friday afternoons her preschool plays a movie for the kids – it’s the one day K wants to stay late at school…probably because we don’t do too much TV time at home. Often I pick her up mid-showing and the only way to get her to come peacefully is to promise that we can watch the rest of <whatever movie it is> at home, complete with jammies and popcorn. The movie of the day this past Friday was Beauty and the Beast (a movie I could quote in my sleep…if I ever got any sleep.)

“Mama, why did The Beast make Belle’s father President?”

I am well-schooled enough in all things Disney to know there is no President in Beauty and the Beast…

“What do you mean, Sweetie? Belle’s father isn’t the President. There is no President in BaTB.”

“Yes there IS, Mama. Belle’s daddy was President, and he was in jail…”

“Well, honey, the President *should* be in jail but he’s not…and he’s not a Disney character — he’s a Looney Tune.” But I digress…

Turns out she meant PRISONER… 😀

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