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Silver Wendy

You should have a friend like my friend, Silver Wendy. Look what she did for her friend Doña.

To answer the two obvious questions…

1) Why is Wendy called Silver Wendy?

A: Because when Beans was small she distinguished between my two friends named Wendy by referring to them by their hair color. Silver Wendy has blonde hair, which I guess to a 3 year old, looked Silver. And brunette Wendy became Black Wendy. Which, as you can imagine, was a great conversation starter in public places.

“Mommy, where’s Black Wendy?”
<75 politically-correct heads whip around looking for the mom of the Racist Kid…>

2) Why should I care about Doña?

Because as I said before think of a time a stranger graced you with a random act of kindness and pay it forward.  This blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic – mainly because no one knows about it – so for those of you who do visit here, please consider blogging about Doña on your own site, or linking back here, or just emailing your friends about it. I guarantee it’s more important that the stupid joke you forwarded last night.


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